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Devon ke Dev…Mahadev 17th October 2012 Written Update

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Mena is feeding kheer to Kartikeya, who doesn’t want to eat more. Mena says her patra is still full. Shivji tells him kheer made by your Nani is very good, you are fortunate, so eat more. Himavan says he is glad to be father of daughter like Paravti, having a jamata like you & now a nati like Kartikeya.

Naradji tells the other Devas, Indra has taken all the credit of winning the war. Since kartikeya is has saved them & is capable of protecting them, he should be made the King of Swarga. One Deva tells Naradji , they are not angry at Devraj for what he did. Indra comes there saying this suggestion is justified. When a question is raised on eligibility of a king, then he should either suppress his opponents or allow the demand to be fulfilled. Let’s ask Shivji, If he says Kartikeya then Kartikeya but if he says Devraj Indra then Devraj Indra

At Kailash they give this suggestion to Shivji & Parvati. Naradji says according to Indra all the decisions about Krtikeya can be taken you Shivji. So can we give Swarga’s kingdom to Kartikeya? Shivji says no, a king duty is to look after his people, their welfare & protect them. Devloka should set example for others. Kartikeya is brave, strong but doesn’t have enough experience to be a king. Agni says you can train him in that. Shivji says Kartikeya’s birth was to protect Devas. Indra will only remain as king. Kartikeya will be your Senapati always. Indra is quite happy hearing this but says since on everyone & Naradji’s suggestion Kartikeya should be given a chance to prove himself. Shivji says Shivputra doesn’t need to prove anything. Thrilled Indra asks for Shivji’s blessing to become a better king & restore the faith of others in him. Kartkeya was hearing this convo feels sad.

Vajrang with Shukracharya & Tare, Tarakasur’s 4th son, comes to Vidynmali, Katakash & Kamalaksh, who are busy in Shiv-aaradhna. He taunts them for not helping their father, they are sad hearing about Tarakasur’s death. Tare says he’ll take revenge, will fight with Shivji. Shukracharya tells him not be foolish like his father, who inspite of several warnings by him, considered Shivji his enemy. But Tare is adamant, he decides to lead the Asuras.

Kartikeya is disturbed, is practicing with Sword . Shivji comes there, tells him he is aware of the questions going on in his mind. He’ll answer them, everyone has to paly their role in this World. Tarakasur got the boon from me & took over Swarga from Indra, you saved them, you are Uddharaka, you’ll reside in people’s heart. Uddharaks are never behind any kingdom. King & his Kingdom is always insecure. But those who live in other’s heart are never insecure.

Kartikeya is walking at Kailash, says it’s good that I am not made the king of Devas, now I can trouble mother for food, she’ll run behind me to make me eat. If I was made King of Swarga, doing so will not suit me, nor will I be able t play with Nandi & Ganas. It’s a sin to think father has done injustice to me. He sees a pleasant scenery in front of him, starts wondering, what place is this? I haven’t seen it before. He walks inside a cave, sees something shining under leaves. It is a Dhanush, he pics it up, pulls the string, which makes a loud sound, it reaches Ksheersagar, Vishnuji smiles, tells Lakshmiji, this Dhanush will be instrumental in our union in my Ram avatar. Shivji too hears the sound, is thinking.

Precap: Shivji tells Kartikeya this Dhanush is for Vishnuji’s Ram avatar.


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