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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 7 – The Fawad Khan Show

If I had the choice, I would call this episode Zindagi  fawad khan hai. Because, really, this episode was a much better one since it had 80% of fawad scenes. I remember when the drama had started. I spoke to Sadaf and said that I am afraid that even though everyone wants FK, it will be Sanam who will steal the show. But man FK proved me wrong!

So since our 3 in one reviewer, maria aka basanti aka misty pulled off at the last time. And I feel kinda sharminda sharmina to ask Sadaf aka our MS dependable to coverup all the time, so here goes a cover for Zindagi Gulzar hai episode 7

Ya to meri kismet achi hai ya number 7 waqai lucky number hai .because I can safely say that number 7th episode was far more better than the previous ones. Aur q na hoti bhai :) apney Khan sb kay lashkaray hi theek thak thay.

Na baba na. Story chahey woman focused ho ya social issue per based ho. Apnay hero mein bara dam hai. Each and every scene zaroon poped up, it made the entire scene climbed up to a whole new different level. You can hardly find actors who are huge stars as well, Fawad khan is one such person who is blessed to have everything working for him, looks, acting, fan following and super stardom.

Episode 7 had few of the formula scenes as basanti mentioned in the previous review. But then the story has found some momentum going for it now. But before I say anything, I would mention something that needs to be understood about the television version of Zindagi Gulzar hai.

I somehow feel that we are being very hard on Zindagi gulzar hai when we compare it with the novel.Novel bhool ker Zindagi Gulzar hai dekho and it’s not a bad drama. Yeah It does not have the Humsafar effect, i.e Humsafar after 7 episode and ZGH after 7 episode. Per banda kab tak yaad e maazi mein ghum rahey, humsafar yaad araha hai tou DVD per dekh lein. Plus I think it’s about time that we throw the novel out of our system and watch zindagi gulzar hai as a story that is alien to us. Because that’s how my friends are watching it, they haven’t read the novel and they are watching this drama as a fresh story and needless to say they love it. So that’s what I did this time, I watched it with zero expectations, and I enjoyed it. Did it have shortcomings? Yes it did.

Sab say pehlay yeh background music ka kuch keroo bhai. When I am watching the scenes between zaroon and his sister, it feels as if I am watching a suspense thriller. Kay abhi koi peechay say aker goli mar day ga. Sherlock holmes ka music and drama is Zindagi gulzar hai, kuch jammi nahi yeh baat. I don’t understand when the so called top of the line and such a veteran director would stop taking the viewers for granted ya tou hum bohat zyada intelligent hain ya editing department waley bohat barey gadhay. Please change it. There is a website that has free music loops . idher say utha lein koi music jo less creepy hoo .

I am really not interested in the little mis jihadi’s attitude. meri samjh nahi ata kay larkiyon kay itnay tantrums q hotey hain? Can’t they be really honest and simple? Farhan say laraii hogai hai tou bhai dosti ker loo yeh kya bilawaja kay nakhray. That explains why I had been single most of my life. Plus yeh dubai say shadi ki shopping? Hahaha J  sahi baat hai bhai, Allah sb kuch sb ko nahi deyta. Paisa dey diya per aqal naam ko nahi . dubai walo ki shadi hoti hai tou woh Pakistan aker shopping kertey hain , yeh ajeeb Pakistani hain , Pakistan say cheez pack ho ker dubai jaye gi aur waha say lein gi yeh. Pakistan say nahi lein gi. Sultana aunty kya kerti hain bhai. Keep it real.

This episode had very few scenes of raffia, sidra murtaza sb, however the guy playing the role of hammad is doing a good job, We always forget to appreciate the actors playing the small roles, while I am a big fan of mansha pasha and I think she is very cute and I really like her dialect, at the same time I would say that hammad is doing a pretty good job. Keep up the good work.

Shehryar munawar’s getting stronger with every episode, but he really needs to work on his dialogue delivery as well as facial expressions. The scene where he is talking to zaroon about his interaction with kashf , falls flat. At one end you had the furious zaroon infusing so much energy in the scene and then you had the smily face SM taking the intensity of the scene down. He really needs to brush up especially in his scenes with FK, since an actor of FK’s class will eat him down.

I am glad we did not have the every week dose of the na shukra panna of Kashf this week. I was really getting turned off with all her complaints. On the same token I felt that even though as a person she may speak really good English, her charater demands her to be a bit of Urdu medium which she doesn’t come off as. So may be some tweaks in it will define the thin line between a good and a great actress.

Jee jee bilkul bilkul .This review will be incomplete if we don’t talk about Asmara :P so for Asmara I only have one thing to say.

Naina hum laraein gay baby doll say, Tere photo ko seenay main yaar chipka loon ga mein fevicol say :P

Over all a good episode in terms of story moving let’s see how it shapes up later. Plus I am sorry about writing such a bizarre review of such a serious drama full of sabr shuker, but this happens when you are told at the last minute to cover up for an episode.


I am on Team Zaroon and will always be, why? cuz i am a guy .what about you ? Which team are you guys on this week?


Written by Faraz

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