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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 14 – Let the story begin!


Asmara and Sara both vanished in a poof of smoke and there wasn’t a sign of them throughout the episode. Nigar’s bouncing head made its weekly appearance however but I want to….hmmm… I don’t know take the elevator to the 23rd floor of my university and shout standing on the balcony:


Clearly, if I am crazy enough to do that, it means Zindagi truly is gulzar and I am still trying to figure out how much I absolutely loved this episode. Sabar ka phaal meetha hota hai. The episode not only contained witty dialogues, superb acting and plenty of our dear Z and K interactions but also provided sufficient insights into K’s thoughts and her reflections on her nashukri, something we all have been questioning and contemplating about for quiet sometime.  Zaroon ko pata nahi koon sa machar kat jata hai every time he is around Kashaf, larka bilkul pagla aur deewana act karta hai. I mean in one place you are preaching your girlfriend about how you dislike her going out with guys for dinner, and here you are my dear Zaroon, trying to make a utter fool out of yourself, trying to ask Kashaf for lunch. Zaroon tum nay too hypocrisy ki haad paar karna shooro kardi!

For me however the biggest surprise was Osama and Kashaf’s secret doosti throughout all these years. When did Kashaf become so acquainted and close to Osama that she would accept his offer for dinner without any qualms or second thoughts. We have been made to believe throughout this whole time that Kashaf dislikes the upper class, the elite and yet here we are, sitting having a nice pleasant dinner …… but we have to give to Osama, he has guts to propose and make a case for himself. And now I am more curious to find out what the outcome is of this proposal!

So for now i am just opening the thread for all of us right now to talk about the episode. I am doing something very different for our review today and I am a little nervous as well in uploading it. I will put it on a little bit later in the day, as I need a little bit of time to edit it. Meanwhile you guys are all more than welcome to share what your favorite parts were in today’s episode? What your favorite dialogues were? If you guys were Kashaf, would you accept Osama’s proposal?

Some of my favorite dialogues were:

Z:Bayhatar hai kay app mujhay app kaha kar bulaian…”


K “Mere liye zindagi main haar cheez mussebat pehle hoti hai, asaani baad main..”


K: “Main adhi raat taak ghar kay bahir nahi rahati”

Z: “Abhi Tak?”


Z: “agar app ko itiraaz na hoo to main app ko ghar choor sakta hoon, expereince hai mujhay”


K: “Thank you”

Z: “shukar hai mujhay app ko yaad dilana nahi parha”


Whose team are you on today? Kashaf or Zaroon? 


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