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Dil-e-Muzter – Episode 2

I was definitely not expecting the story to take this turn and I am little taken aback by everything that happened in today’s episode. In the first episode the characters looked very real and did not lie on the extremes at all but this episode was more of an extension of the “dhamaka” that we were left with at the end of the first episode. Things are moving on fast in this drama and I had a million questions in my mind when this episode ended. Sila maybe naïve and “nasamajh” but is she so nasamajh that she does not realize what can be the outcome of getting married to a man who does not love her or even want her in his life and has refused to marry her in front of everyone. And then the father went ahead and decided to marry her off with someone who is not the least bit interested in getting married to her. Well, probably because his wife told him a totally different story and he was too eager to teach Sila a lesson. Zaman really did not come across as a person who would take such a step. Why did Safina call her sister when Sila went missing? And why was Muneeb being so aggressive? He never even had feelings for Sila and was just going along with this proposal for the sake of money.

Zehra managed to convince her son and he decided to marry Sila. The only person I felt for today was Adeel because I completely understood how a guy like him would feel like in the given situation. He was already complaining in the last episode that his uncle had taken every decision for him and now after bearing so much insult he has to marry Sila just because his mother wants him to…another mama’s boy! Sila is very adorable for sure but I feel that Adeel does not see Sila as an individual at all, he considers her a part of the family that may have helped his mother through difficult times but has also exploited the situation in every way possible. Adeel did seem like an angry young man today and he obviously feels like he owes no one anything except his mother who has worked very hard to raise him. Imran Abbas was absolutely brilliant all through this episode and Ismat Zaidi was just as wonderful, both of them share an amazing chemistry. Sanam Jung plays the young, naïve and very immature Sila perfectly but I am having a difficult time feeling for Sila. The picture quality was amazing just like the last episode and because of the storyline as well, the entire feel of the play was quite filmy.

After watching the precap for the next episode one could easily tell that the story is going to be about Adeel mistreating Sila and Sila trying very hard to make him love her. I really wish that the marriage was a little less forced. The one good thing was that the step mother did not say “good riddance” out loud! What is Zaman going to do with all his wealth if his daughter is not happy? I really do not understand such parents and this will be the second play in which Mohsin Gillani would be going out of his way to punish his daughter. Honestly speaking I am a little disappointed by the recent developments but I still love the lead couple so I will be watching this play for them for now.


Fatima Awan.

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