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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 16 – Kashaf- The Avalanche


Today as the credits rolled up to Zindagi Gulzar Hai, I just realized that despite the lack of continuity, a timeline, all over the place story, ZGH still has such strong moments, such amazing and sincere acting that I walked like a fool with a huge smile plastered over my face around school and ended up watching the episode 3 times in a row.  Sultana Apa, the rest of the cast and crew thank you thank you thank you for all the brilliant scenes today especially to Fawad Khan for portraying Zaroon’s confusion, sincerity down to his distaste for Farheen. You are truly are one of the greatest actors of our generation and every scene with you is a treat to watch! I don’t even have adjective to praise you because you truly are one of the best actors of our generation and can be put into competition with any of top brilliant Hollywood actors!

It was a no surprise to anyone how Kashaf would react to Zaroon’s proposal. She comes home straight to fume it all out with Sidra and Sidra dil main bahthay bathay sooch rahi hoogi, kahsaf tumhara bhi koi haal hai, do achay bhalay larkay tumhain prpopse kar rahain hain laykin tumhain aura gay kuch nazar hi nahi aattta. BUT Kashaf is right? If Zaroon finds her character flawless, she finds him equally badkirdar and hypocritical baghahrat  who had made her life living hell in university. To summarize the  rest of the episode, today most scenes revolved around Kashaf’s reaction and distaste towards the proposal and Zaroon’s nervousness and worry around how to approach Kashaf and get rid of misconceptions she has brewed up in her mind about him.

Zaroon knew Miss. Murtaza was no easy nut to crack. Zaroon’s climb to gaining her as his wife and life partner was akin to climbing K2 and even he didn’t see the avalanche sweeping him away in the very first step he took.  Its interesting to note that how Zaroon who is used to having everything handed to him in his life, didn’t really had to go through the same struggle road as Kashaf to gain achievements in life, instead he is suddenly put on a pedestal by his own extremely uncontrollable feelings and tables have turned where Zaroon has to make peace with his past misdeeds and rationalize his behavior. I do like the fact that Zaroon does indeed proposes to Kahsaf properly and employs help from all the people she confides in and is close to and most importantly with Sir Ibrar and Sidra.  One thing I have loved about Zindagi Gulzar Hai is the involvement and relationship between siblings and how it helps to define character behavior and rationalization for their thoughts and actions. Lets see how far Sara and Sidra go to form bridges between Kashaf and Zaroon and their respective families.

Another one of my favourite parts from today’s episode as well was when Zaroon and Kashaf are both contemplating in their dairies and it was quiet interesting to see Zaroon reflect on other reasons why Kashaf might not like him. Its funny if we compare this Zaroon to the Zaroon from 10 episodes ago who never wanted to compromise and wanted a biwi jo siraf Z kay isharoon pay chalay and today, Zaroon is ready to compromise, us ki nafrat say, badgumani say, family background say, pretty much everything. This is not a tiny crush, If this is not love, than what is?

Yaar someone please give Kashaf a laptop now :P beechari pen ghaseet ghaseet kar thak  gai hoogi! Nice to know Kashaf still is thinking about her ideal husband and her mind churns out a blank answer for her!

Islamabad ka Muasam :D

So when I stated above as to why I feel Fawad Khan is one of the best actors in our generation, I rationalize my reasons by proof. The scene where Zaroon calls Osama, his dad, mom and sara in a row in utter confusion and he doesn’t even understand his own feeling and as to why he is calling them was so brilliantly done that I was blown away! to round it all, his expression of relief when Sidra introduces himself and aisa lag raha tha kay Zaroon nay such ka saans liya kay normal insaan bhi Kashaf kay ghar main dwell kartain hain! bas its become of the most memorable scenes for me from all of Fawad’s dramas, even better than the last scene of Humsafar where he confronts the evil Farida Aunty! Thank you thank you Fawad! I am just loss for words to describe how brilliantly you have portrayed Zaroon.  I also really enjoyed the constant interjection of Kashaf and Sidra’s conversation at the same time and poor Sidra’s facial expressions and shocks were also quiet amusing.  Umera Ahmad wrote some brilliant dialogues and Sultana Apa you brought out the best from all the actors! Do you guys agree this was the highlight scene of the episode?

Next Week

For me finally ZGH has become as excited as humsafar use to be, when we would wait fir a whole week anxiously and desperately to find out what would be next. Kashaf finally rationalizes and no amount of pushing, charm, references and shifarshay of Zaroon keep the poison of all the hurt he inflicted on her out of her mind and she goes and chooses…. Now we have to wait another Friday to find out!

Ok so today, hard to decide but who do you think was right? Do you guys think that guys like Zaroon should be given another chance? Is it time for Kashaf to start letting go of the past? Whose team are you on?

Team K or Team Z? 

I am all for Team Z today! The boy is begging the girl to get married to him! Climb down the mountain already Kashaf! Yeh shaadi kaab hai aur hum saab kaab invited hain! I cant wait!

Zindagi gulzar hi gulzar hai!


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    This drama is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I love to see it.i never miss its any episode.Bus last episode ka intizar hai.

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