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Kohar on Urdu 1 – Episode 10

Kohar on Urdu 1 – Episode 10

Pakistani Urdu Desi Drama Kohar on Urdu 1 – Episode 10

Pakistani Urdu Pure Entertainment drama on Urdu 1.Watch online Urdu 1 dramas
Maa Ka Mazi Ban Kay Chaeya Beti Kai Mustaqbil Pe Kohar
It’s a story of a simple girl Afia who is victim of her father’s distrustful behavior. She is deprived of many happiness of life just because he does not trust anyone. She always wondered what her fault is but there was no one to answer her worries. Incidentally, a handsome guy Sabtain entered her life and she fall for her, unaware of the fact that he is her real cousin and in search of her late Mother Sitara. Everything moved smoothly until the guy proposed her and she had to say NO due to her father’s will. Finally she won her father’s trust as he realized that she is unlike her mother who left her parents for him and arranged Afia’s wedding with Sabtain which was a total surprise of her till her wedding day.
Directed by Mohsin Mirza
Written by Seema Munaf
Cast:Mehmood Aslam,Manzoor Qureshi,Mahroosh Rana,Jahan Ara Haye,Zaheen Tahira,Sidra Batool,Sami Sani,Isha Noor,Umair Laghari,Farha Nadeem,Affan Waheed and many others

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