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Anjanay Nagar On TVOne Global Episode 3

Anjanay Nagar On TVOne Global Episode 3

Pakistani Desi Drama Anjanay Nagar On TVOne Global Episode 3

An other urdu desi drama by Hasina Moin on a Love Story durin the era of before Indo-Pak Partition.
The romance of a bygone era unfolds in the rolling hills of Murree.
Living her charming cottage in Murree, Wafa’s grandmother relates a true story of romance and intrigue that she witnessed during the British Raj.While doing research on colonicl buildings in the area, Wafa stumbles on other highly romantic and suspenseful stories that lie burried beneath the pine forests of Murree.But for her sake her editor Shazim refuses to publish them.
Will the exciting tales of Mariam and Shezar, Shazil and Raim,Florence and Ahmed never be told?
and what about Shazim and Wafa’s own love story ?
Directed by Khawaja Najam-ul-Hasan
Written by Hasina Moin
Cast:Yamina Peerzada,Asad Malik,Zinab Ahmed,Shamil Khan,Rashid Mahmood,Kiran Tabir,Jalal Haider Khan
Produced by Media City Productions & NZ Signature Films


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