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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai -Episode 2 Review











Episode 2 moves started of with the argument between Shahique & Narmeen about Areeba who happens to be Sarah’s friend and family friend as well. Shahique offered Narmeen to join them as he is going out to eat ice cream with Sarah and Areeba. Narmeen brust out by saying that she is not interested to join them at all. She aruges Shahique that his attitude has been completely changed since Areeba arrived in their house. Shahique felt so strange on Narmeen this doubt and told her that there is nothing like that he consider Areeba same like his own sister Sarah but Nareem refuses to accept it  and keep on arguing which astonishes Arham. He told Narmeen that he  is in doubt that she has still not accepted him as her husband.

Arham on the other hand is still in the lost condition. Once you have broken trust, it’s like breaking a valuable vase — it will never the be same again. You can try to glue it back together, but the cracks remain. And the people who know you broke that trust, even if it does not concern them at all, will also be wary of trusting you. Trust is not just about ‘expectations.’ Trust is about knowing that someone’s word is good in all situations and at all times.  Arham is also facing the same condition. Nobody is  ready to listen or believe him except his mother, sister Sarah and latest addition is Areeba.

Areeba seems to be very keen on knowing the reason behind strange act of Arham. She even tries to talk him when Arham was making tea in the Kithen but Arham shouts on her and told her to stay away from him. In the mean time Narmeen enters in the Kitchen and try to create scene by saying ” Oh sorry i came on wrong time, i thought you both were busy”. & she went out.  Narmeen kept on pinching  Arham about the incident which happened in the past but Arham told her that God who knows the truth and will bring justice to him.

Shahique seems be least bother about what Narmeen is thinking  . Areeba on the other hand kept on saying Sarah that Narmen didn’t like that she is staying in their home but Sarah is saying that’s not true.

Narmeen is continuously telling everything to her mom about what is happening in the home  & her mother is encouraging her that she is right and she should be dominating in the home.

The last Scene between Narmeen & Arham was the best scene of the episode when She  came to asked Arham how he is feeling and Arham told her to stay away from him but Nareem is not letting go any chance to make him feel bad about what happened in the past.













The episode was really amazing . Ahsan Khan indeed has done wonderful job. He is simply amazing and i belive that Arham character was just created for him. Ayesha khan is playing grey shaded character  with perfection. Momal is truely great actress. For me Meekal is just doing okay job as he has done such kind of role in the past as well.













I am really looking forward to the next episode and it would be great if we would be able to see glimpse of what actually happened in the past.

Keep watching one of the best drama os the recent times “Mujhay Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai” and don’t forget to share your valuable views about the episode.

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Amir Basharat Butt











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