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  1. I like paktvlive vreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much because i an watch every channel on it

    • Muhammad Ali Butt Sydney Australia says:

      i love Pak channel,
      they are the best.
      i hope they show T 20 Worls Cup Paksitani matches as well.
      Keep up your good work!~!~!~!~!!

  2. pls wide this page so we can watch news its half not showing..thx

    • kash-admin says:

      Thanks for pointing that bug out to us, the issue is now fixed, let us know if there is anything else that needs to be done.


  3. Thanks its now acceptable. What about Other Channels. I need Islam Channel & press Tv LIve too.

    • kash-admin says:

      We will see about the Islam channel but the press tv is already included in the list please take a look at the menu

  4. ali akbar says:


  5. i like it very much.easy to search and watch on net.good news and entertainment channel.

  6. aftabhussain sahito says:

    i like very very much paktv live

  7. ghulam mohammad says:

    safe city in pakistan is rabwa

    • Rabwah is the nasty city in Pakistan, wherein all Qadianis Murtad are residing, not a single Muslim is there. Qadianis are created invented by the Jews, it is an open conspiracy in Islam. Qadianis are Kaffir, Mushriks,Infidels.

  8. i think this ”valentine” desease is spreading too fast in pakistan and tv channels are in forefront in propogating this event.just blind following.the catholics church have rejected st. valentine while we started
    to own it.

  9. Hi, every one, Pakistan is good country but the leaders and politians are bad, due to this our country is facing very difficulties day by day. in future who will come and will rule country smoothly? that is Nawaz Sharif no others are needed.

  10. Saleem Shaikh says:

    I like paktvlive, this is more entertaining and informatic. I spent & surfing this site a lot do u ?

  11. spider man says:

    duniya tv ok leikin mzeed acha bnao achay commercial hi lgao khbrein mzeed achi do behr haal acha hai

  12. دنیا نیوز بہت اچھا چینل ہے
    ہم اپنے علاقے کے مسائل اور خبریں رضاکار کی حیثیت سے بھیج سکتے ہیں کیا۔۔۔؟
    آپ کے جواب کا انتظار رہے گا۔
    عبدالدیان ندیم

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