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  1. Aman khan says:

    i love ur programe ajj tak with Jawaid Chowdry .
    my request is why u invite governing persons, when they
    see nothing wrong in Pakistan.

  2. zia-ur-rehman-mirza says:

    I am hearing American are killing inside Pakistan with drones innocent people.
    Pakistan gov,politician and military general failed to protect its terroritary and
    nation.They should sue for loses of helpless pakistan national and brought to justice.

  3. GA MQM and JIYE Karachi Sooba

  4. rizwan ahmed says:

    please stared the poling of na 250 &254 all peopale is weating now

  5. Muhammad Asif says:

    MQM Zinda Baad…LOL….10 JAMATI ITTEHAD AND PTI together cna only get 10% vote agaisnt MQM in karachi…..KARACHI LOVE MQM N ALTAF BHAI….

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