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Press Tv Live News channel From Iran. Press Tv True News On Paktvlive.

Press TV is a 24-hour English language global news network owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting(IRIB). Its headquarters are located in Tehran, Iran. Press TV features contributions from reporters and commentators based in Washington,Damascus, Beirut, London, and Seoul, among other locations around the world.

The station has been criticised for its uncritical embrace of provocative stances. For British journalist Nick Cohen the station is “a platform for the full fascist conspiracy theory of supernatural Jewish power”[4] and for commentator Douglas Murray it is the “Iranian government’s propaganda channel”.[5]

Responding to Cohen and others, George Galloway, the British MP and Press TV’s best-known UK presenter, has said it “challenges the prevailing orthodoxy” by providing an outsider perspective on “the truth and a voice for the otherwise voiceless”.[6] Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman has argued that “engaging with Iran, no matter who is in charge in Tehran, is a prerequisite for peace and progress in the region. The very fact that Press TV is Iranian-owned makes it the ideal English-language platform on which to do so.”[7][hr]

    Current programmes

  • Africa Today – Analytical weekly review of political, economic and social events in Africa, the world’s second largest continent.[52]
  • The Agenda – A political commentary show hosted by Yvonne Ridley formerly broadcast on the Islam Channel.[27]
  • American Dream – A political round-table offering a “warts-and-all” picture of life in the USA from ghettos to gated communities.[53]
  • Anti-Semitism Rising, Why? – A debate show on the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism presented by Alan Hart.[54]
  • Autograph – A 25min weekly interview with academics, authors, politicians and dignitaries encompassing a range of topics from cultural to political issues hosted by Susan Modaress.[55]
  • CinePolitics – A weekly 25-minute show. The show examines current cinematic releases, and explores the underlying political and social issues that shape them.[56]
  • Comment – A live show from London hosted by George Galloway. The format allows a studio audience to ask the presenter questions or argue with him.[57]
  • East Asia Now – “Piercing questions, challenging experts, backed up by other opinions, statistics, as well as comments and questions from correspondents on East Asian stories.”[58]
  • Fine Print – A twice-weekly analysis of on-line mainstream media hosted by Amir Arfa.[59]
  • Forum – A debate programme presented by the former BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan, featuring Nick Ferrari and others.[60]
  • Iran – A 25-minute weekly show covering topical issues on Iran plus reports and interviews on major cultural events held in the country over the week. The show is hosted by Setareh Ghane.[61]
  • Iran Today – a show aired 5 times a week examining various issues about Iran in the presence of a panel of guests.[62]
  • Islam & Life – A weekly show presented by Tariq Ramadan in London, dealing with the challenges and opportunities facing Muslims, especially in the west.[63]
  • Middle East Press – A daily review of regional newspapers, highlighting views on issues impacting the region, hosted by Nadine Mazloum and Serena Shim in Beirut.
  • Rattansi & Ridley – A chat show aboard the only floating TV studio in the world, hosted by veteran award-winning journalists, Afshin Rattansi and Yvonne Ridley.[64]
  • The Real Deal – A wide-ranging weekly show by George Galloway.[46]
  • Remember the Children of Palestine – A weekly 1-hour show hosted by Lauren Booth and Amina Taylor covering issues that concern children living in Palestine, including music, films, photos, poems and artwork made in aid of their remembrance.[65]
  • Reporters’ File – A weekly reportage-oriented programme, dealing with various Iranian and world stories, from a local correspondent’s perspective. The show is produced & hosted by Joobin Zarvan.[66]
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